Donnie Sinongco


Mr Donnie is a photo enthusiast from the Philippines. He has been based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for nine years and working as an IT Professional.

When he was around 11-12 years of age, he always love playing around with our old Minolta film camera, and would often volunteer taking photos on several family occasions. With a young mind that time and lots of things to enjoy, it didn’t occur to him to pursue a degree or profession in photography. His interest was only reignited when he became a student journalist for his university newspaper. Having an assigned photojournalist with him, Mr Donnie wrote stories while she captured photos. And it turned out that he became more interested in her job than mine.

His first camera was Kodak KB10 that he got as a graduation gift from my parents. There it began an endless collection of printed photos, which he is happily looking into up to this day. Now that Mr Donnie has the means to have his own DSLR camera, and occasional travels, his inclination is still to tell stories, but this time through pictures.

His primary field of interest in photography are street, travel, and sports (particularly tennis) photography.




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