Haru (Haruhiko Otsuka)


Haru is a photographer and a sales engineer based in Singapore. He came from Tokyo, Japan in 2007. He only picked up photography in 2009. He embarked on his journey as an amateur photographer learning from his peers and acquaintances who had demonstrated endless support. With the passion that he displayed, he became a semi-professional photographer specializing in sports, portrait and travel shooting. Last year, in 2015, he covered big sports events in Singapore such as HSBC women’s golf, FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifiers: Singapore v Japan, BNP Paribas WTA Final among many others.

Photography for him is to capture that moment when he glimpses through the camera finder and create a memory on a square. For him, it is not just pressing the shutter button. It is to absorb the energy from the elements in his surroundings, using all his senses. His passion for photography has made him a well respected photographer in the photography community in Singapore.


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