Mun Hoo

He is a photographer based in Malaysia. His specialty is creating “feeling”(or “experience”) into his picture so that the pictures not just tell the story, but it brings the viewers to that “feeling” or experience.

After graduating from Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo, with the title Best Foreign Student Award in 1995, he chosen to come back to Malaysia. He built up his experience thought working in commercial photo studio and local Japanese publishing company. In 2002, he started his own studio called hooElse studio.

He also started his journey to share his knowledge in 1999 as he served as a photography lecturer in one of the local art college.

In 2012 he started to conduct workshops for Sony Malaysia. Since then, he found his passion in sharing, now he is on a mission to bring up the level of photography in Malaysia. He launched a project called in 2015 to broadcast and share informations, tips & news on photography for the region.
This is also why and how his project started contributing to CAPA asia.

hooElse studio

Mun Hoo’s Work

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