Nadhir Zainal


There is something about love, relationships, sincerity and intimacy that attracts him.
Born, raised and based in Singapore, Nadhir Zainal‘s (Nad) approach to photography is by recognizing that less is more, resulting in minimalistic motions and stills banded together with coherence. Paying close attention to detail and spurs of the moment, Nad photographs a wide variety of events: corporate talks, birthdays, lifestyle, and his favourite – weddings.

He believes that there are moments that cannot be recreated and every photo has a presence. It’s like capturing a moment so good that it deserves to stand out alone by itself, framed up and mounted on your wall. Nad is also not ashamed to admit that he is a family-oriented man. “My family is very important to me. Since young, I was taught never to be selfish and to always impart whatever knowledge I have to those who look for it. This practice drives me to share what I’ve learnt throughout my photography journey and it has become a daily reminder.”

Nad leads a team of photographers based in Singapore called AIRISU. “AIRISU is a family that embodies simplicity. Our philosophy empowers us to produce captivating & pure moments, crafting your story in the most intricate way possible. Adopting a minimalistic approach in our body of works, we strive to document your occasion that matters the most.”

He is also currently exploring into medium format photography and fine artistry.


Mount Fuji, Japan

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