Samot Hutagaol


Mr Samot was born in Tarutung, Indonesia, on May 1st 1988. He has a degree in architect from Pelita Bangsa University Bekasi Indonesia, but he is more active in the field of photography and social culture: he observes and studies the daily lives of people in the village, culture, as well as visiting beautiful, secret places in North Sumatra, especially the land of Toba. His concern arises when he used to be active in the student press agency and became a cultural activist. Dedicating himself as an activist does have its own risks, but it gives him confidence and mission that keeps him going.

Mr Samot has taken part in many photography contests. The biggest contest he has ever joined is the Canon Photo Marathon Asia, where he managed to set aside thousands of other participants and was selected as a winner to be one of the representatives of Indonesia (along with two other winners of major cities in Java) to follow Canon Photo Clinic held in Japan for 2 weeks. He acquired lots of experience and knowledge in the country, which motivated him to dedicate himself to the progress and development in North Sumatra, especially in the field of culture and tourism in the land of Batak. Mr Samot really believes there is still a lot of potential that can be explored and developed further regarding the culture and the nature there.



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