Takahiro Yamamoto


Born in Tokyo, as soon as he put his hands on his farther’s Pentax SLR camera, Mr Yamamoto was fascinated by it. After he taught at public schools as an English teacher for nine years, he started to work as an editor of a publishing company in Tokyo. While he worked as the editor during the daytime, he liked to walk, drive and sometimes cycle around the Japanese capital to take photographs of cityscapes in the evening and on weekends. He was a guest photographer writer at Fuel Your Photography in 2012, a Staff Pro Member of f-Stop Gear, and an ambassador for PHOTOMENTARY by Nikon in 2014 and 2015.

Mr Yamamoto thinks that Tokyo has so many faces. Most familiar ones are in every guidebook. What he wants to find and capture is its hidden faces, which no one else has ever seen.

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Solo Exhibitions
Tokyo Mirai Toshi (2014) at Island Gallery, Tokyo
Bright Lights (2015) at Island Gallery, Tokyo
Time Flows (2016) at Island Gallery, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
Three Men Emerges at Island Gallery, Tokyo (2013)
25 Tokyo Night Stories at Island Gallery, Tokyo (2014)
Tokyo 25-ku at Island Gallery, Tokyo(2015)
JPCO Gallery Spring 2015 at Subway Gallery M, Yokohama (2015)
JPCO Gallery in Kyoto at Yamamoto Gallery, Kyoto (2015)
PHOTOGRAPHY NOW at The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK (2015)
PHOTOMENTARY 2015 at EIZO Galleria Ginza (2015)
2016 ISLAND GALLERY Ten Colors at Island Gallery, Tokyo (2016)

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