Yoshitaka Masuda


Born in Tokyo in 1947, he took up photography when he was young. Only in 2013 did he become a serious photographer. But with his excellent skills and knowledge of photography, he is already a member of TOKYO INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY, JAPAN Photo GLOBE(JPCO) and SAMURAI FOTO.

Mr Yoshida took part in Photo book-release & member-photo exhibition in 2014 (JPCO Gallery 2014), the exhibition of Japanese Photo Culture to overseas in 2015 (JPCO Gallery 2015), JPCO member photo exhibition & Photo Project in Hong Kong, and Onaeba vol.16 Yokohama, Onaeba vol.18 Yokohama.

He has also published a photobook(e-book): SENTIMENTAL SHANGHAI (available in Kindle Store)



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