Zaw Min (Johnson Li)


He came to Japan in 1986 and spent ten years studying and working abroad. He returned to Myanmar in 1996 to establish a travel company. He is working as a travel photographer, shooting tourist destinations that represent the soul of Myanmar, promoting local tourism. He mainly photographs landscapes, old buildings and ethnic groups. Currently he has taken and recorded life, culture, habits of ethnic minorities who live in unexplored areas and mountainous terrain.

Mr Zaw is CEO of G.T.S Tour, a Life Member of Myanmar Photographic Society, and a Life Member Photographic Society of Singapore.




Winning prizes in Myanmar (Main prizes )
2012 Award The Best Photographer Prize of All Myanmar
2010 Award Championship Prize of Myanmar Photographic Society

Winning prizes in International (Main prizes )
2015 The 76th Japan International Photography Salon Winner Prize
2014 The 75th Japan International Photography Salon Winner Prize
2014 31th PSM (Malaysia) International photography award FIAB Bronze & RPS HM ribbons award
2013 60th Singapore International photography award 2013 Merit & 11 accepted award
2012 The 19th Korea Airlines International photo contest Merit Prize
2012 LA (USA) salon Bronze Prize
2011 The 6th International Artistic Photo Contest of Vienan Bronze Prize
2011 Better Grand Prize
2011 The 8th International Photography salon of LA (USA) Silver Prize
2010 The 71st Japan International Photography Salon Winner Prize
2010 The 31st Korea International Photography Salon Honorable Prize

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