Yakushima Photography Festival

Main week 10.24-10.29 in Yakushima Island

site of Yakushima Photography Festival

Yakushima Photography Festival (YPF) is a Franco! Japanese Proposition of a cross culture photo production workshop and photo show. The goal of the project is together photographers, art directors, and photography professionals in yakushima island next fall (2016). Offering the magical spirit of the island to photographers & international image professionals organizing workshops, giving a see through various exhibitions, Producing new images and stories sharing experience & different identities, Promoting intercultural dialogue YPF aims to build bridges between culture and allow contemporary productions made in collusion with local actors.

YPF will edit a book gathering the production of this great new adventure the photographic productions created during the festival will be shown official on the island from 24th to 29st of October. Creating many events: Exhibitions & Shows in galleries, restaurants, hotels Projections in the forest Installations in original sites across the island “ike bus stops” YPF is initiated and co chaired by ANTONIN BORGEAUD member of VENDREDI and KODO CHIIJIWA. YAKUSHIMA.

Yakushima Photography Festival
Date: October 5 to November 7, 2015
Main Event: October 24 to October 29
Venue: The island of Yakushima
Main Venue: Anbo Community Center
Supporting Venues: The Yakusugi Museum, the Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center, and the World Heritage Center
Organizers: Antonin Borgeaud (photographer, France) and Kodo Chijiiwa (photographer, Japan)
Art direction Advisor: Cléo Charuet (art director, France)
Office:Gallery TABIRA
Koseda 815-3, Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima, Japan 891-4207
Tel: 0997-43-5956

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