Historical Photo Project “Yangom Circle 2015” Was Held In Myanmar.

By Takashi Koike, contributor for CAPA asia

Photography project “Yangon Circle 2015” attracted a lot of visitors. Photo collection of sales has been donated.

Market on the Platform. photo by Takashi Koike

“Yangon Circle 2015” was held in Yangon Gallery from September 5th to 9th. This project featured the work of 17 photographers of Myanmar, and Takashi Koike. He is an amateur railway photographer of Japan. He joined group exhibitions, participation workshops, to photograph collection in the guest. They were shooting in all the station of Yangon circular line. The photos depict the images of the location, lifestyle as well as historic monuments along the rail line. It held a gallery talk on September 9th. 17 photographers were told in the words of its own thoughts that they put in the photos. And they were Interviewed with Sky Net TV Channel and more.

Photographers of photography project “Yangom Circle 2015”

Kyaw Kyaw Win (Project leader of Yangon circle 2015) said, ”We’ve mobilized photographers who want to participate in this exhibition. We captured the images from the all stations along Yangon circular line. In the near future, the JICA will help to develop the Yangon circular line so I hope that our project can helpful for them.”

Workshop in the Gallery

Opening resepcion

Shooting at Yangon Central Station. photo by Mr.Zaw Min

“Yangon Circle 2015” attracted a lot of visitors, and sales of photo collections have been donated. Their activities have been introduced in facebook. https://www.facebook.com/YangonCircle

Photography project “Yangon Circle 2015” is part of the “Monsoon Art Festival 2015”. The Monsoon Art Festival 2015 is open at Yangon Gallery from August 28th to October 28th in Myanmar. This year’s second edition of the festival features about 10 events, including painting and photography exhibitions, music and dance performances, fashion shows, film screenings, and panel discussions that reflect the dynamism of Myanmar’s arts and culture.

“The old Yangon railway system will change soon. Before this happens, the photographers will document the people and the trains by riding the Circle Line,” Lynn Whut Hmone (Yangon Gallery’s exhibition coordinator) said. “We want to promote young, unknown photographers, and give them the chance to show their work to the public. We want to help develop the Myanmar arts community.”

Many people at home and abroad has been the focus The Monsoon Art Festival 2015. It will be a more attractive festival next year.

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