Tips13 : Rules for event photography

A partial blur created by a medium shutter speed animates the sports scene.

Sharp focus on the athlete’s face with a blur on moving arms give photos a vibrant and lively atmosphere as shown in the table tennis and baseball photos. You have to choose the optimum shutter speed for each sport, but you can start with 1/200 to 1/500 sec. Ensure that the face (especially eyes) area is in focus. If not, the photo is judged failure, since a blurred face makes the entire photo look blurry.

Setting Tips

Use manual exposure control, and set the aperture and speed in accordance with the values provided on the left. Set ISO to “Auto” so that sufficient brightness is maintained.

LensMedium to super telephoto
ApertureF2.8 to F5.6
Shutter speed1/200 to 1/500 sec.
SensitivityAuto ISO
Exposure compensationControlled according to conditions
Other notesA monopod comes in handy.

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