Delhi Photo Festival 2015: Aspire

Delhi Photography Festival 2015 will start from October 30th, running for ten days.

Site of Delhi Photo Festival

The biennial Delhi Photo Festival is India’s first and biggest international photography festival. It brings photography and the real democratic art form into the public space to create an awareness, appreciation and learning of photography as an art form. Though primary exhibitions and events will be held at one central location, the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, leading galleries and art institutions of Delhi will join the Delhi Photo Festival as Partner Galleries. They present independent photography exhibitions and related events in their own spaces, making the festival a truly city event. The Delhi Photo Festival is a non-commercial venture. To ensure popular and wide-reaching participation, entry to the primary venue is free.

The theme for Delhi Photo Festival 2015 is “aspire”: to seek, to attain or accomplish a goal ascend, soar, crave, pursue, strive, yearn, desire, dream, hanker, long, seek, struggle, try, want, wish, aim, endeavour, be ambitious, and be eager. Though the meaning of the word is fairly simple, and noble, it is a complicated word to use today. In an era of globalization and interconnected worlds, ASPIRE has become the ‘buzz’ word seeking to define many of our intentions and actions, as individuals, as societies, as nations. Not all of these are noble because the flip side of aspiration is greed and excess.

There are five levels of donation, and doing your bit means a free pass to their many goodies and exclusive events, curated just for you. Be a DPF Friend by contributing INR 500 or more and get yourself a badge. You can also donate more than INR 1,000 and find yourself with a handy DPF catalogue and exclusive gallery walk on 30th October. A DPF Enthusiast (donation of INR 7,500) will be rewarded with a copy of Nazar Photography Monographs 03 by Kanu Gandhi, which will be launched at #DPF2015. A DPF Patron will be invited to be a part of the opening reception and a DPF Benefactor will be presented with one open edition art print along with all the other goodies (for INR 25,000 and INR 75,000 respectively).

Delhi Photo Festival2015
Date: 30th Oct-8th Nov 2015
Venue: IGNCA, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, CV Mess, Janpath
(Nearest Metro Station: Janpath)

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