Mexican Photo Night at Photobook Diner “Megutama” in Tokyo

By Makoto Shibata (Photo Journalist/Japan)

You can enjoy wonderful photo collections and delicious meal.

the Photobook Diner “Megutama” in Tokyo

On the evening of October 22th the event opened at the Photobook Diner “Megutama” in Tokyo, Ebisu. Its aim is to introduce photography of National Museum of Mexican Art and to enjoy Mexican foods.

Mexico is a hidden photo nation. A two-hour drive to the north from Mexico City, there is Fototeca (National Museum of Photography) in Pachuca, the capital city of Hidalgo. There are over one million historical photo collections. Juan Carlos, a director of Fototeca, visited Japan. Ryuichi Yahagi is a coordinator, who is a Mexico-based artist and is famous for installation works.

More than 30 visitors gathered in Megtama. From historical photos to works of young photographers, Juan Carlos showed various works. Visitors were gripped by the breadth and depth of Mexico’s photographic culture. Then, Mexican cuisine appeared and visitors were very happy to eat a little spicy food. It had a special flavor that is hard to find in Japan.

About Photobook Diner “Megutama”

Food of Megutama is made from fresh and safe ingredients. Its concept is “home-made Japanese food”. Over 5000 photos were hanging on the wall, which were curated by Kotaro Iizawa. He is a historian and critic of photography and loves mushrooms. He is the author of more than fifty books, including “Geijutsu shashin” to sonojidai (Art Photography in Japan, 1900-1930), Nihon shashinshi o aruku (Walking the History of Japanese Photography), and Shashin Bijutsukan ni yokoso(Welcome to the Photography Museum), Araki!, Shashin-teki Shiko(Photographic Thinking), Shashin-shu ga jidai wo tsukuru! (Photobooks make the History!). He has the deep knowledge of photography and broad network with photographers.

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Makoto Shibata

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