Tips19 : Rules for event photography

Make the most of continuous AF to capture unexpected movements of the athlete

When it comes to sports photos involving unpredictable movements of athletes, such as soccer or figure skating, sharp focus is more important than composition. Use the center AF point, having the highest sensitivity, and continuous AF mode. Just concentrate on bringing the subject into focus. As you need to move the camera while predicting the movement of the subject, you have to familiarize yourself with the sport you want to photograph.

If you feel insecure with the center AF point, use dynamic AF or AF point expansion, which uses the surrounding AF points to bring the subject into focus.

Setting Tips

This shooting requires manually controlled exposure. A monopod comes in handy, allowing great flexibility for sports photography, where unpredictable movements of the subjects are inevitable. A tripod is also convenient for a baseball game.

LensMedium to super telephoto
ApertureF2.8 to F5.6
Shutter speed1/1000 sec. and up
SensitivityAuto ISO
Exposure compensationAdjust according to conditions
Other notesA monopod comes in handy.

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