A Short Report on Canon Expo 2015

By CAPA asia

The camera manufacturer hopes to make the world brighter in 2020

On November 4th your correspondent visited Canon Expo 2015 at Tokyo International Forum. This is an invitation only event so it is not open for public. It was, though, impressive.

The aim of the event is to show Canon’s vision of the future by exhibiting its key imaging products and technology. Since 2000 this expo has been held every five years and this year is the fourth time. New York and Paris hosted it before Tokyo. Each city has had a different theme and the Japanese capital city looks five years ahead: creating values people expect from Canon to 2020 (in which Tokyo will host the Olympics).

Canon has a wider product range than you might think (not just cameras and printers) and you can see that throughout the expo. The most interesting part is Location 1 where you can enjoy high definition pictures created by latest printing technology, 8K images and a 360 degree 3D image with a superb audio system. Your correspondent cannot help feeling that virtual reality is coming.

But Canon’s core business is photography. Long time ago the company was established to make the world’s best camera. This expo shows that it has come a long way and now its cameras try to go beyond high quality and high definition photos. There is an EOS camera equipped with a CMOS sensor featuring approximately 120 million effective pixels, which captures fine details. The Next-Generation Connect Station is also on display, which is a kind of camera dock that collects photos and videos from a corresponding camera to organise and share them with people on mobile devices through the cloud. And Canon Super Creative Printing offers an interesting way to enjoy seeing images: stereoscopic printing.

All of these are fun. And that is important to promote photography in Asia and beyond. The expo has a key phrase: “make the world brighter”. Hopefully, many people will value it in the future.


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