Photo Event Report from Asia: PHOTO FAIR 2015

By Makoto Shibata (Photo Journalist/Japan)

Thanks to women, Thailand’s camera market will grow: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre hosted PHOTO FAIR 2015 for five days during November 25th -29th 2015

It was in its 26th year, so it has a history. But it was literally a fair rather than an exhibition since there are little new models around this time of the year. It had over ten thousands visitors a day. That was because various products were available to see and because their prices were 15-20% cheaper than the market prices. Plenty of accessories were on offer: the event showcased lots of items that you could see in Japan.

Looked carefully at the floor and you could see that there were several major distributors among booths of camera makers and agents. That may be why I saw items of the same brand here and there. Goods were sold at a flat rate; hence no price war.

What was remarkable was that lots of women came to the fair. Groups of women keen on checking cameras’ usability were not rare. With the world watching, Thailand’s camera market will continue to grow―thanks to women.

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