“Nikon Day 2016” in Bangkok, Thailand

BY Nao Ishimaru (Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer)

“Nikon Day 2016” has been held. It offered everything from the sale of all Nikon products to workshops in Bangkok

In the central area there was a room divided into four categories: “MACRO”, “PORTRAIT”, “CINEMATOGRAPHY” and “LANDSCAPE”. Even those who did not have a camera were able to learn how to photograph.

In event spaces, professional photographers explained how to photograph and spoke behind-the-scene stories. Nikon users, young and old, gathered.

On the first day, NIKON D5 and D500 were revealed and Nikon explained them. In a special booth visitors could try them. They were not on sale during the event, but booking was possible. In this case, the delivery was after one month. Both cameras were attractive to visitors. Some of them tried them and were surprised at their performances and prices.

On the sales corner I asked staff “what is the best-selling product during the event?” She answered, “FX format wide lens”. Thailand photographers often use wide-angle lenses to photograph. They prefer to use this type of lens when shooting Buddhist temples, weddings, and memorial photos of college graduates. After purchasing products, staff helped customers join Nikon Club or free lessons. This high quality service is typical of Nikon.

I came here four years ago. This year the event space was larger; more cameras and lenses were available to try; and there were more participatory events. I am sure that Thai people’s interest in cameras and photography is increasing.

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