Experiencing Canon M3 & M10 in Vietnam

By Doan Thanh Tung (Photographer/Vietnam)

Both cameras won the hearts of some Vietnamese photographers

Digiworld Hanoi, a local retailer, hosted a small event to provide people with an opportunity to experience Canon’s two cameras: EOS M3 and EOS M10.

Here we were introduced to the features of the cameras, including a LCD display with touch-rotating, a high-resolution 24.2 megapixel. M10 is younger than M3. Not suprisingly, the former gives better performance. It is also compatible with over 70 Canon EF lenses. In particular, it goes well with a telephoto-zoom lens 55-200mm EF-M. WIth this, you can get closer to distant subjects. But the two models have some things in common: I think that filming Full HD videos and wifi connection are prominent features of the two models.

It lasted for a few days. The first day had a lot of photography enthusiasts. They compared the two models and exchanged their opinions. Some people said that they liked their affordable prices, compact camera bodies and various functions. It seems that both EOS M3 and M10 succeeded in winning the hearts of some Vietnamese photographers.

Doan Thanh Tung

Mr Tùng is a freelance photographer based in Vietnam. His objective is to find beauty through the lens. He is a contributor to Zing.vn., a local newspaper, and an administrator of some groups on Facebook.

His biography and work are available to view HERE.

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