Photo Event Report from Asia: FUJIFILM X DAY in Indonesia

BY CAPA asia / Fujifilm Indonesia

Fujifilm presented X DAY in Jakarta and Surabaya

Masaaki Aihara at FUJIFILM X DAY in Jakarta

Fujifilm Indonesia hosted FUJIFILM X DAY in Jakarta on 19th March and in Surabaya on the following day. FUJIFILM X DAY offered opportunities for people to try new products, including the new X Pro2, and to attend lectures by photographers as well as seeing a photo exhibition. Masaaki Aihara, a Japanese photographer, appeared on the stage to give a lecture. He did it last year, too.

Masaaki Aihara is a member of the X-Photographers. He has been photographing Australia for 20 years. He also shoots landscapes of the world . He says, “I also became aware of my mission as I felt strongly about the earth as living thing, and the diversity of its environment and history are beyond our comprehension”. He is interested in the nature in Indonesia.

FUJIFILM X DAY in Jakarta received about 1,200 people. Many of the visitors wanted to buy X-E2s, X70 and XF100-400 in special offers. After Aihara’s lecture, visitors moved to a shop on the floor and queuing for the new products, of which 250 new products were sold about in an hour. In the lecture by Raisa, who is a famous singer to enter the top 10 in Indonesia, they tried the X-pro2 just bought and photographed Raisa, using a telephoto 100-400mm lens.

On the second day in Surabaya about 300 people participated the event. Masaaki Aihara’s lecture was popular. Many visitors were interested in photos which he had taken in Indonesia a few days ago.

And, of course, hey were keen on X-Pro2 and other new products, of which about 50 were sold out in an hour.

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