Metamorphose: Photo exhibition in Japan by Taiwanese photographer

When girls are different from usual


Meow Chen will present a photo exhibition in Japan from 27th April to 15th May 2016. She is a photographer based in Taiwan. She was awarded the Yuki Aoyama awards in “WONDER FOTO DAY”, which was carried out in Taipei In February 2016. The photo exhibition will be held at YUKAI HANDS Gallery, which is run by Yukaihanzu of Yuki Aoyama.

Date: 27th April – May 15th 2016
Open hour: 13:00~20:00
Close: Mondays,Tuesdays
Admission: Free
Venue: YUKAI HANDS Gallery
1-30-9 Sekiguchi Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5761-6760


Living in the heart of the girl “I’m not myself”.
Do I gently sneak,
The pupa invites to metamorphosis
Her who I was and spread the wings become a butterfly
Secretly confined in my world
Forever so that it is not destroyed anyone I also love ….

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In Taiwan, photo exhibition “Wonder Foto Award” is taking place. It will showcase the works of Wonder Foto Grand Prix and Award winners. Of course her work is on display.

Wonder Foto Award
Date: 20th April – May 29th 2016
Open hour: 11:00 ~ 19:30
Close: Sundays,Mondays
Admission: Free
Venue: venue 5F Habitat gallery space cooperation

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