Three Approaches to Snapshots: Taichi Kozawa

By Taichi Kozawa (photographer)

Forget about snapshots and focus on good photographs

When I take snapshots, I do not think about the genre. There are different genres in photography such as portraiture and landscapes. But snapshots are hard to differentiate from others. It may not even be a genre. So take it easy and just try to create a good picture. In other words, photographs captured in everyday life could be snapshots.

Thus, I will not talk about which cameras are suitable for snapshots. But it is important to determine what you want to capture according to your camera or vice versa. In particular, imagining what you want to shoot in prior to shooting is crucial.

Although there are many people who take snapshots among amateur photographers, most of them do not look good enough. As it is hard to capture everything in front of you, you should use more time to create a really good picture.

When I am a judge in a photo contest, I feel that so many entries underestimate printing. In places where they should print normally, they unnecessarily tweak sharpness or colours. Of course images can be retouched as results are everything in contests. But while creating a work, do not forget that you will show it to people. If you are satisfied with only taking photographs, you will never win.

Tips to win a photo contest


Taichi Kozawa studied photography in college. After working as an assistant for a renowned photographer, he became a freelance photographer in 2000. He mainly shoots a variety of portraits from children to artists to actresses.

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