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By Junichi Date / CAPA asia

Recording lens information in Exif using the “Lens Correction” application

“Lens Correction”

Exif does not record any focal distances or F-stops for lenses mounted with a mount adapter, and thus if you use various lenses, you may no longer remember which lens a photo was shot with after time passes. However, with “Lens Correction” of PlayMemories Camera Apps, the lens name, focal distance and F-stop listed in the lens profile are written into Exif, so it is clear at a glance which lens was used to shoot an image. The original purposes of this application were lens peripheral light correction (which also enables color cast correction), correction of chromatic aberration of magnification, and correction of distortion aberration, but even if these correction functions are not used, the app is useful as a memo tool for recording lens information in Exif.

This app lets users manually select correction values for lens peripheral shading, chromatic aberration and distortion. By saving the correction values as a lens profile, the same correction can be applied when shooting either still images or movies.
・Peripheral Shading correction: Corrects brightness, and the intensity of reds and blues, around the edges of images
・Chromatic Aberration correction: Corrects red and blue lateral aberration
・Distortion correction: Corrects barrel and pincushion distortion

The following lens information can be written to Exif data* even from lenses that do not ordinarily allow it**
・Lens model: Lens Model
・Focal length: Focal Length, FocalLength In 35mm Film
・F-number: F Number
*Excludes some camera models. See specifications for details.
**See General Notes in specifications for your lenses.


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