Another SONY α System: Utilize Mount Adapter(Final)

By Junichi Date / CAPA asia

A-mount adapter for Sony α7RII

LA-EA4 35mm Full-Frame A-Mount Adapter

The Sony Alpha series has used A-mount lenses since the Minolta era, and the E-mount for mirrorless cameras. Designed for single-lens reflex systems, the A-mount is known for being able to accept of a huge variety of lenses,from large-diameter zoom lenses to fixed focal length lenses and telephoto lenses.

Fortunately, the LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 adaptors will allow A-mount owners to use various A-mount lenses with the α7 series, including the α7RII. These official Sony mount adaptors also including electric contact so you can also control the aperture and AF functions.

Sony α7RII allows for full 399 focal plane phase detection point AF to be used for high speed focusing even when using LA-EA3 and SSM/SAM A-mount lenses. And what’s even more impressive is that this isn’t limited to AF-S – it can be used in AF-C mode as well. The body’s built-in 5-axis image stabilization also compensates for viewfinder shake, making photography even easier.

A-mount lenses are designed to work with phase detection AF.which can lead to some clumsiness when controlling contrast AF, but since focal plane phase detection AF is indeed, as the name says, phase detection AF, it can control the AF system smoothly in AF-S and AF-C modes as well. The speed isn’t quiet at the level of the α99 and α77 II but it’s nothing that rises to the level of annoying even with telephoto lenses.

The LA-EA3 adaptor is a simple design with only an aperture mechanism and an electric connection. In comparison, the LA-EA4 incorporates a 15 point phase detection AF sensor, a light-directing translucent mirror, and a motor for driving AF couplers. When you are using lenses other than SSM/SAM lenses without internal motors, go for the LA-EA4.

35mm Full-Frame A-Mount Adapter

The adapter for lenses with an internal AF motor. Makes the α7R II compatible with focal plane phase-detection AF, allowing Fast Hybrid AF to be used. The adaptor is compact, and a must-have for used of A-mount lenses.
The adaptor model contains an AF drive motor and a phase-detection AF unit with a half-mirror. Also compatible with A-mount AF lenses without AF drive motors. Although the range covered is narrower, phase-detection based AF like that on the A-mount models is possible.

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