The World Cosplay Summit 2016 in Japan

The international cosplay event to be held in Nagoya this summer

The World Cosplay Summit 2016, one of the world’s cosplay events to be held every summer in Nagoya, will be held 30th (Sat) July to 7th (Sun) August 2016. This year, representative cosplayers are gathered from 30 countries and regions with India, Canada, Switzerland and Sweden first participation. Last year it had 248,000 visitors.

Polaroid has a booth in the “World Cosplay Summit 2016” on 6th (Sat) and 7th (Sun) August. It presents a free photo session with “Polaroid SNAP” to enjoy photos, print or digital, as well as a photo session with Lee Anna Vamp, a famous cosplayer and an actress in the United States (her event is limited to first 50 sets of limited each day).

How to use a Polaroid SNAP

Remove the lens cover, and the finder pops up. You can take a photo by simply pressing the red shutter button. A photo can be printed immediately. You can also save it as a digital image and share it.

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