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COSPLAYERS.GLOBAL: the online platform that connects all the cosplayers all over the world

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Here is a big news from the World Cosplay Summit 2016. The World Cosplay Summit is now developing COSPLAYERS.GLOBAL, an online platform that connects all the cosplayers all over the world. With the technological support from Pasona Tech inc., an online platform development company, World cosplay summit, an off-line network for cosplayers in more than 32 countries and regions, and Cosplay Archive, the world’s biggest professional social network for cosplayers, is working on this on-line platform project. Various languages will be available, including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai and Russian. This will help you search and find what you want to know. More functions will be added to the platform in the future to make you stay connected with other cosplayers.
In 2017, 32 countries and regions will join the world cosplay summit. This new platform may boost it.

The World Cosplay Summit 2017
Dates: July 29th (Sat) to August 6th (Sun)
Venue: Oasis 21, Osu Shopping Street and Osu Kannon Square in Nagoya,Japan

The service of COSPLAYERS.GLOBAL will be start at the beginning of September 2016.
COSPLAYERS.GLOBAL is now open to register.

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