Final call: The 4th KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD 2016


The 4th KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD 2016 has the mission of creating a new era of Nature photo. They are holding the fourth awards for nature photography and the mission is to dig up hidden talent. They look forward to your application.

Kawaba village of Gunma Prefecture signed with Setagaya-ku in Tokyo an urban agreement in the 1980s and has since developed its own strategy, which was centered on “agriculture plus tourism”. For instance, “Road Station Countryside Plaza”, designed to attract 1.6 million people a year, has received a high evaluation and became a national model of road station.

【Application procedure】
1. It does not review or eliminate based on career, age, citizenship or gender.
2. Application period: July 1st – Aug 23rd, 2016 
※indicated by postmarked day.
3. Please application from an application form of the website or fill out the application form with the necessary information, and send it along with your portfolio to the address below. The application form can be downloaded from the following link. (
4. The application fee for the 2016 contest is free.
However, please be sure to follow these guidelines for when we return your portfolio.
※ Please include either a stamped envelope with a return address for your portfolio, or a pay-upon-delivery slip alongside your application form and portfolio.

〒150-0013G/P Gallery NADiff A/P/A/R/T 2nd floor, Ebisu 1-18-4, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
ATTN: KAWABA NEW-NATURE PHOTO AWARD executive office Nishimoto.
TEL/FAX: 03-5422-9331
MAIL: nishimoto(@)
G/P gallery・artbeat publishers Co., Ltd.

For more information (only available in Japanese)

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