Photokina 2016: Fujifilm GFX Press Preview

By Makoto Shibata (Photo Journalist/Japan)

By Makoto Shibata (Photo Journalist/Japan)

Let’s take a close look at the GFX

On the top there are two dials and a small LCD, in which data appears even when the switch is OFF.
Turn upwards or to the side. The LCD monitor in the rear is movable.
The diameter of the G mount is 65mm. It is compact.
There are dual SD card slots on the right side of the body.
There are a battery slot and connector on the left side of the body, ensuring smooth movement for the user.
The battery slot is in front of the LCD monitor. Put it from the side. The body is thick, but it doesn’t matter.
The base of the body has a connector of a vertical battery grip and a hole for a tripod.
Buttons are gathered on the right side of the rear of the body. There is also an overhanging part to make it easy to hook your thumb over there.
Now try a removable EVF unit.
Put the EVF unit on the top of the body and you can shoot in the same way as DSLR cameras.
Put a vertical battery grip.
Try an adapter, too.
You can shoot this way as well.

Makoto Shibata

He is a freelance photo journalist who works worldwide based in Hong Kong. He mainly covers foreign business shows and art fairs.

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