The Story of Old Cameras in Vietnam

By Doan Thanh Tung (Photographer/Vietnam)

There is a good repair shop for cameras in Hanoi

As a lover and having great passion for the art of photography, I always fret and wonder about the fate of the old cameras, what if one day they get out of order. After meandering all around every street in Hanoi, I have found the answer for myself. Vong Duc Street is all what I need.

Going into the Huu Dang Store (No. 3A Vong Duc, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi), I meet Mr. Dang the storeowner also an experienced camera repairing man. According to him, what makes him enjoy the most is the very old cameras or the cameras that other skilled craftsmen can’t repair. Then he will have the chance to try his ability and knowledge about cameras. He said: “If there is something of me better than others’, it must be my ability to suffer. With the damage to the tiny parts, I have to spend time studying. Sometimes the time is up to 1 or 2 months. If no persistence there will be no work done.”

In Vietnam where the economy doesn’t allow them to buy the new cameras, this is the only solution for them. This is regarded as the old camera market just as many old camera markets in Japan.

Doan Thanh Tung

Mr Tùng is a freelance photographer based in Vietnam. His objective is to find beauty through the lens. He is a contributor to, a local newspaper, and an administrator of some groups on Facebook.

His biography and work are available to view HERE.

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