Sony α99 II Unveiled in Vietnam

By Doan Thanh Tung (Photographer/Vietnam)

Recently Hanoi hosted an event of Sony. It showcased many items like headphones, smartphones, game consoles and cameras.

While PlayStation VR attracted many attentions from local people, fans of photography were excited by the unveiling of the α99 II.

It features a 42-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 5-axis image stabilizer. The standard ISO ranges from 100 to 25600, which is expandable to 50 and 102400. And it can record 4K videos. The camera can shoot up to 12 fps with continuous AF tracking mode.

The experience Sony offered was certainly valuable. Visitors enjoyed and appreciated it.

Doan Thanh Tung

Mr Tùng is a freelance photographer based in Vietnam. His objective is to find beauty through the lens. He is a contributor to, a local newspaper, and an administrator of some groups on Facebook.

His biography and work are available to view HERE.

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