Feature: ARTISAN&ARTIST’s New Luxury Items (Part 1)

You will give in to temptation

ARTISAN&ARTIST is a Japanese manufacturer of high-end camera bags and accessories. Valuing materials, practicality and functional elegance, it aims to provide professional use for many people the world over. This autumn it is launching new products, which are made of quality stuff and are handmade by Japanese craftsmen. Its products are available to buy in some countries in South-East Asia. It may be hard to resist the temptation to own such luxury items.

First, ARTISAN&ARTIST will start to sell new hand and neck straps. To weave them, it uses kumi string, which is made of knitted silken threads that Japanese people have liked from a long time ago. The products are highly beautiful and functional. It will be on sale from November 30th 2016.

Silk Cord Hand Strap (ACAM-311N)

As it is resilient and flexible, it easily fits your hand. While it is stretchable, it is interesting to the touch.

Size: 365mm (length) x 12mm (width)
Material: Silk, leather (made in Italy)
Colour: Black, red
Price: JPY11,000 (not including tax)

Neck Strap

A change of colour is presented in gradation of black and red. It is eye-catching. It is flat-woven, removing stress on your neck. Its feel is brilliant.

Size: 965mm (length) x 14mm (width)
Material: Silk, leather (made in Italy)
Colour: Black, red
Price: JPY19,000 (not including tax)

A new body case for Leica M-System camera

Second, there will be a new and improved leather case for Leica M-System cameras. It pursues elegance and usability. Its cutting and stitches are beautiful. It perfectly fits your Leica. The leather used is Arizona, leather produced in a traditional way in Toscana. It is vivid with a comfortable feel. The more you use it, the deeper the feel gets. It will dress up elegant Leica M. To be released on November 30th.

Size: 143 x 88 x 40mm (W x H x D)
Material: Leather (Outside; made in Italy), polyester and polyurethane (inside)
Colour: Black
Price: JPY17,000 (not including tax)
Applicable: M-P Type 240、M Type 240、M-D Type 262、M-Monochrome Type 246、M Type 262

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Feature: ARTISAN&ARTIST’s New Luxury Items (Part 2)

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