Photographing Illuminations with Omnidirectional Cameras

We share some tips for shooting colourful lights

Omnidirectional cameras shoot the space around you. They provide 360-degree photos and videos. But did you know that they are also good at shooting illuminations? They are brilliant! We took two video with two omnidirectional cameras in an amusement park decorated with colourful lights (there were lights over our heads, too). Have a look and enjoy dreamy images. Plus, we share some tips for photographing illuminations.

1: Nikon KeyMission 360




4 tips for shooting illuminations

In illuminations there are bright lights and dark ones. The key is to balance the two by adjusting the settings of a camera.

1: Select a shooting mode suitable for dark places

Both of the two cameras we used have a mode to shoot in a dark place or one where a contrast between light and shadow is huge. The RICOH THETA SC has noise reduction, DR (Dynamic Range) correction and HDR synthesis (the last two are particularly useful in dark places). The KeyMission 360 involves Active D-Learning,

2: Use a selfie stick or a tripod

In a dark place we suggest to use a tripod to prevent camera shake. And use a selfie stick to avoid shooting yourself. In both cases, pay attention to those around you (some places prohibit the use of these items)

3: Make use of the white balance

In Auto mode the camera automatically selects the white balance suitable for the situation. But you can also create the atmosphere you want by changing the white balance.

4: Adjust the shutter speed

When it is dark, the shutter speed is automatically slow. That means camera shake is likely to happen. As LED lights are bright, choose a faster shutter speed.

Keep in mind these tips and enjoy shooting illuminations with omnidirectional cameras this winter!

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