Focus Club: A New Photo Community in Asia

Share your excellent work and get useful feedback and knowledge of photography

On December 1st Gakken Plus, our parent company, launched a new project on Facebook: Focus Club. It is a photography community on Facebook designed to connect photo enthusiasts in Asia and beyond. Joining the club could bring significant benefits for you: it provides opportunities to publish your work and get useful feedback and knowledge from other people, which is certainly a good way to improve your photography. There are two versions of the club: English and Thai. Details, including posting guideline, are available below. Get involved!

Hello and สวัสดี

How to post

Call for Entry
Focus Club aims to be a platform for all photographers to express and showcase photos that spark communications from every continent in the world. Be it a professional shot by SLR or causal snap by iphone, Focus Club is the place for you to share your story with the world.

What photos Can I Post?
Free posts – You can post any photos you like anytime you wish. Focus Club will feature captivating photos on our page and announce 5 editor’s pick once a month.
Theme posts – Focus Club will give you missions to post photos according to the theme given. You will need to place hashtag (#) as stated in the mission when posting the photos. Focus Club will announce 5 best picks for the theme. Next, wait for our next mission.

How do I Upload and Post Photos?
1: Select Photo/Video from in the timeline of Focus Club,
2: Click on the camera icon at the lower bottom to upload photos/videos, or simply drag and drop photos/videos into [+].
3: You can also say something about the photos by typing a caption or message you would like to share, tag friends, share what you’re feeling or doing, and add a location,
4: Ensure post is public and click Post

General Posting Guideline

Posting & Sharing
– Users can upload photos and post comments to Focus Club’s timeline, ‘like’ and comment on postings by Focus Club or the general public.
– Posts and comments on our page are open to the public.
– Do not post any personal information or material inappropriate for the general public.
– Advertisements, posts/comments with URLs are prohibited. Attaching photos on comments are also prohibited. If we find any, the post/comment will be automatically deleted.
– All posting and sharing done by Focus Club will be credited to the original poster (with permission) by including poster’s name, social media account or original URL (whichever applies). The objective of the posting and sharing is to assist photographers around the world to receive more recognition, popularity and likes for their original posting.
– Please keep in mind that all photos and videos posted on Focus Club are copyrighted by their original posters.

Postings that contain the following will be deleted without any considerations:
– Posts leading to or engaging in criminal behavior, social fabric, racial discrimination, political parties, government and religious hatred
– Posts leading to or violating applicable law and regulations
– Posts defaming other users, third parties, or our company through harassment, abuse, or discrimination
– Posts containing pornography, obscene material, or content offensive to public order and morals
– Posts interfering or disrupting the management and delivery of our service
– Posts advertising, exploiting, or soliciting commercial or religious material
– Posts linking to link-prohibited sites or linking to sites that infringe or may infringe such linking rules
– Posts containing information of articles that engage in advertising, exploiting, or soliciting of commercial material without permission
– Comments containing photos or URLs
– And any other posts found inappropriate by our administrators

Infringement of intellectual property right is strictly prohibited by Facebook. Please do not post photos and videos that do not belong to you or without permission from the original owner. All photos are copyrighted. Facebook’s “Share” feature is a type of citation, therefore does not infringe copyright. However, downloading a photo for personal and commercial usage without prior permission from the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice, in case of changes within Facebook or when deemed necessary.

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