New Five Videos from Canon

They are really “fun to see”

Canon released five short movies in collaboration with five creators of Viibar, a video production company, to suggest new ways to enjoy photography and image. They are available to view at Canon Imaging Plaza, its official channel on YouTube. These amazing videos will tell you that photography and image are really “fun to shoot, fun to see”.

1: “BUDDY” by Yusuke Hatai

Two cops use SELPHY to arrest bad guys.

2: “The man who made a miracle hat” by HIDEKI MOCHIZUKI

You will be amazed at the continuous shooting of a DSLR camera.


For girls who want to show lovely pictures on social media.

4: “Her World, Her Canvas” by Miwaza Jemimah

If you change the frame, the world changes.

5: “If we spend a day with…” by Katsuo

Lots of tips on how to use a DSLR camera for the initiates.

More videos are available at Canon Imaging Plaza

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