The 2nd Series of Cosgenic Lesson: Nikon

Lesson 7 is now available to view

On December 22nd Nikon launched the second series of “Cosgenic Lesson”, an online content that provides tips on how to take pictures of cosplayers. (“Cosgenic” roughly means pictures that perfectly capture characters and the world they express.) Cosgenic Lesson started in March 2016 and has so far offered six lessons. The second series will give three lessons:

Lesson 7: Try outdoor shooting (the theme is how to shoot under natural light. Available to view)
Lesson 8: Use flash or speedlight more (to be released in Mid-February 2017)
Lesson 9: Align light with the studio (the them is how to make use of light to create atmospheric images. To be released in late March)

Cosgenic Lesson Lesson 7 (only available in Japanese)

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