Best 3 Cameras for Snapshots: Nikon

In the first of three articles on cameras to take snapshots, we consider the D5500

As the countdown to 2017 has started, you may want to go on a shopping spree. Perhaps you want to buy a new camera and take snapshots which are different from ones taken with smartphones next year. But as there are lots of good cameras for snapshots, it is hard to choose. Thus we need an expert advice. This time we asked Shinya Yoshimori, a professional photographer and a contributor to CAPA asia, to select three cameras, which are light, usable and have good viewfinders.

Check 3 categories:

1: Grip
Although lightness is important, it is as important that a camera is easy to hold and gives a reassurance when shooting. Mr Yoshimori also looked at the shape of each grip.

2: Usability
You don’t know when a good opportunity to photograph comes. It is ideal that you can turn on the switch and release the shutter instantly. He considered if you can do the two things with only right hand.

3: Viewfinder
When shooting outside, it is hard to look at the screen. A viewfinder helps. Whether an eye piece is easy to gaze and provides a large image is important. In case of mirrorless cameras with electronic viewfinders, we have to consider the resolution as well.

Each criteria is rated with stars.

1: Nikon D5500

JPY76,400 (18-55 VR II lens kit)

Equipped with a touch, variangle screen, live view is easy to do. You can view photographs on a smartphone using Wi-Fi. You can also import them into it. Although it is light as a SLR with 470g, it is highly functional. You can use it in various scenes.

Sensor: 24,16MP (APS-C)
ISO: 100-25600
Continuous shooting: 5fps

Grip ★★★★

Grip is deep and easy to hold while the mount is impressively thin and light. The lens is light and easy to carry around, too.

Usability ★★★★★

The power switch is by the shutter button. You can release the shutter fast. You will not miss decisive moments.

Viewfinder ★★★★

Although the eye piece is small, it uses an optical viewfinder, which gives a clear image. You can check the details of a subject.

Sample image

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