Fujifilm X-A10 First Impression

By Leonard Goh (freelance writer/Singapore)

Fujifilm’s latest X series mirrorless camera was just announced earlier this month. Let’s take a quick look at it

The Fujifilm X series has been well-received by users. It’s multiple line ups appeal to professionals (X-Pro, X-T, X100), enthusiasts (X-E) and beginners (X-A). The X-A family isn’t new. It started in 2013 with the X-A1, and just a few months ago, the X-A3 was announced. But few expected another one was coming. So when Fujifilm launched the X-A10, it was somewhat a surprise.

Specifications at a glance:
● 16 megapixel
● 3-inch flip up LCD
● 6 Film Simulation modes
● 49 autofocus points
● 20fps continuous shooting

Looking at the specification sheet of the X-A10 showed some obvious differences between it and the slightly more advanced X-A3.

Fujifilm X-A10Fujifilm X-A3
Resolution16 megapixels Bayer sensor24 megapixels X-Trans sensor
Continuous shooting20fps10 fps
Autofocus49 points77 points
Film simulation modes6, including Provia, Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome, Monochrome and Sepia.11, including Provia, Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome, Pro Neg Hi, Pro Neg Std, Monochrome, Monochrome+Ye, Monochrome+R, Monochrome+G and Sepia.

So, who will the X-A10 appeal to? My best guess is the new users of mirrorless cameras. But if Fujifilm is intending to reach out to those upgrading from their smartphone cameras, the exclusion of a touchscreen may not fare that well, considering that these users are already used to operation on a touch-sensitive display. If so, then the X-A3 will be more suitable for them.

Availability and pricing of the X-A10 are to be announced.

Leonard Goh

Leonard is an advocate of photography in Singapore and also an educator in this field. He has served as senior writer for the now-defunct CNET Asia, before moving on to working for various camera companies in the business development and marketing capacities. He is also a co-founder of Platform, a not-for-profit photography initiative in Singapore which also published Twentyfifteen, a collection of 20 books to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50).

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