Three points to capture lights with a smartphone (1)

In the first of three articles on how to record bright and thrilling scenes, we consider when to shoot

Bright scenes with many lights are amazing and make us want to capture them. But photos of them often turn out to be disappointing. Brightness is missing while there are only dots of lights. Have you ever had such bitter experiences? In this report we tell you tips on how to capture lights with a smartphones such as iPhone.

1. Shoot in the twilight

The first point of shooting lights is time. Most of the lights are on at the same time of or after sunset. But it is just after sunset that lights are most vivid. Don’t miss it.

Pictures below were taken 10 minutes, 20 minutes and thirty minutes after sunset respectively (from top to bottom). You can see the impression of each image changes dramatically.

Which one would you like most? We think that the second is the best. It makes lights outstanding. So if you start shooting after sunset, the first 20-30 minutes are the most important. To get ready for this so-called “magic hour”, you should arrive at a location earlier and decide the composition and angles before sunset.

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