Three points to shoot the sun with a smartphone (3)

3. Images look better with nearby things

Location matters, too. If you want to not just record sunrise but also make it look well, choose places where you can find buildings that suit to it.

Two images below were taken at Kasai Rinkai Park, a popular spot for sunrise in Tokyo. To complement sunrise, we include the silhouette of a castle in the frame.

Next photo was taken from the viewing deck in Haneda Airport Terminal 2, another popular place. An image capturing only the sun would be boring. So we combine it with an airplane and chimneys to make it more impressive.

As those popular spots are crowded, you need to gather and check information before you visit. And you can check time and direction of sunrise in a place where you are by checking websites or using apps. This allows you to find the best place for you. And lastly, do your best to wake up early.

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