FJM Street Outing : Memoir Pulau Ketam

By Hadi Nik (Photographer/Malaysia)

Celebrating the Chinese New Year on an island

During the Chinese new year (January 28th 2017), a festival was taking place on the island known as Pulau Ketam (Ketam Island). Malaysia Street Photography Community group (FJM) took the opportunity to go and see the activities.

As usual the group headed to the Port Kelang KTM Komuter station early in the morning. From there they went to the island by boat.

The island was lively as many family members returned home. The majority of the population is Chinese. All the activities were recorded by FJM. Some local people, who are interested in street photography, asked the group about the genre.

The festival was exciting. It was a fantastic experience to celebrate the Chinese New Year with local people.

Hadi Nik

Mr Hadi is an editor of He likes to shoot people’s lives at the street and always wants to learn about new developments in photography. He photographs from his point of view as an ordinary man who likes to see the art in photography.
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