What We Found in CP+ 2017: Bags

Check out the selection of cool camera bags

CP+ 2017, which was held from February 23rd to 26th in Pacifico Yokohama, was well attended with exhibitors showcased their latest cameras and lenses. But don’t forget that a variety of user-friendly equipment was also on exhibit in the camera festival. This year we looked for cool camera bags. There are two criteria for selection. a) We can use it in daily life. b) Backpack type. Below is our selection of camera bags.

1: ONA: The Leather Clifton (JPY 62,208)

This bag has a classic design and doesn’t look like a camera bag. It is made of full-grain leather. The quality is fine. It felt a bit hard at first, tough. But a sales assistant says, “the more you use it, the more it fits with you.”

2: Vanguard: VEO TRAVEL 41 (JPY 8,420)

This is one of the most casual bags we found in CP+. It is ultra-light at 580g and compact. It doesn’t work for large equipment, but it is right size for a mirrorless camera and a couple of interchangeable lenses.

3: Manfrotto: Windsor Backpack (JPY 19,690)

It is elegant from the first glance. It is a British design, using gray and brown leather. It is both for business and casual use. It easily contains a DSLR camera with a 70-200mm zoom lens.

4: Lowepro: StreetLine BP 250 (JPY 26,950)

Its casual and canvas design is impressive. A flex pocket is notable. Usually you can keep it folded up. But when it contains delicate things such as a camera, unfold it.

5: Peak Design: Everyday backpack 30L (JPY 42,050)

It is functional as the top and both sides of the bag open. It has many pockets for batteries and memory cards. You can adjust the top cover in four ways according to the amount it contains. Small ingenuity goes a long way.

6: CULLMANN: STOCKHOLM DayPack (sample only)

We found this zipper bag at Etsumi’s booth. It has a fine texture and a large space for storage. But this is a sample product. Whether they will sell it in the future is unknown. We hope they will.

And also…Olympus: CBG-12 Camera backpack (JPY 42,090)

If you are a serious photographer, forget about everyday use or design and choose one based on capacity. This one is for OM-D users from Olympus. The inside space is designed for its specific camera. That is an advantage.

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