Passion for the Camera: Fujifilm X100F (1)

By Shinya Yoshimori

Although it may be too expensive, the X100F is absolutely a joy to use

It features a high-end body, a Fujinon lens for high quality pictures, and Film Simulation that well reproduces colours and tones, an ability acquired through the years of making films. Fujifilm’s X series is highly acclaimed among photo lovers. Its first model launched in March 2011 is the X100, a compact camera combined with a lens. Now its forth model is out: the X100F. It is said that “F” means the first letter of “four”.

It involves X-Trans CMOS III, APS-C 24.3 MP low pass filter-less sensor, and new X-Processor Pro. These specifications are as high-level as the X-Ts and the X-Pro2, flagship APS-C mirrorless cameras. So is its responsibility: boot-up time is 0.5 second, the fastest AF speed is 0.08 second, and the fastest continuous shooting is 8 fps. The X100T, the predecessor, is 16.3 MP and 6 fps. The highest ISO level is up from 6400 (the X100T) to 12800.

As for the external design, it basically follows the X100T. In the front of the new camera “T” disappeared from the bottom right. The rear is, however, different from the predecessor. Four buttons were moved from the left side of the LCD monitor. It moved VIEW MODE right (next to the viewfinder); PLAY and DELETE are on the right side of the LCD monitor. And Wi-Fi disappeared (you turn it on/off in MENU). Although it may depend on your taste or habit, if operation buttons are on the right side of the camera, they are easier to handle.

On the right top of the monitor is joy-stick like Focus Lever. This new feature allows you to move AF points fast as well as intuitively. As the new camera increased AF points from 49 to 91 (maximum 325 if you change the settings), you can adjust the focus more precisely. Joy-stick like parts are really easy to use.

But the rear command dial is not as user-friendly. As its fingerhold is not good, I overstrain my hand, causing an unnecessary movement when rotating. This is not good. For example, when playing images taken, I rotate the dial to enlarge them and the screen suddenly returns to the full screen. I hope this will improve until they are released.

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Shinya Yoshimori

He is a professional photographer in Japan. He comments on cameras and lenses and is regarded in the industry as the man who likes cameras the most in the world. He loves everything about cameras from taking photos to seeing to touching to buying and dreaming of cameras. Not surprisingly, he collects a variety of cameras from digital to compact to classical to silver salt. The column title expresses his deep passion for them in his native accent (Hiroshima in western Japan)―Washa camera ga sukinajya (I love cameras).

New name: the title of Yoshimori’s column has been slightly changed from “My Passion is the Camera”.

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