Passion for the Camera: Fujifilm X100F (2)

By Shinya Yoshimori

The X100 series does not use image stabilizers. Some people may be worried about it. But the new camera is equipped with a 23mm (35mm in 35mm equivalent) lens, which has an open aperture of F2. And because of APS-C sensor, the image quality at high sensitivity is excellent. This combination makes it possible to take snaps indoor or in the night and get sharp images without blurs.

I tested the image quality of the X100F at high sensitivity myself. It clearly depicts details and the quality is fine until ISO 3200. Above that images get poor in detail and noise starts creeping in. But even at ISO 25600 there is no colour noise or irregularity. This is amazing.

For the first time the X100F adds ACROS mode to Film Simulation, an attractive feature of the X series. Although monochrome mode has been available, the new mode provides smoother tones and sharper black. That makes me happy as I was mainly taking and getting black and white photos on the public when I was in my 20s.

PROVIA/ Standard


The X100F has a high-end body. It uses light and tough magnesium alloy. It also employs a special coating for the texture to make it look like steel. And durable synthetic leather with a real feel is applied to the exterior design. Advanced hybrid viewfinder, which combines OVF and EVF, is added to such a premium body (you can switch it by a lever in front).

Two new front conversion lenses are also developed (which I couldn’t try this time). Making use of the performance of the X100F, it offers wide angle views of 28mm equivalent as well as standard ones of 50mm equivalent. Moreover, when a conversion lens is attached, the camera body automatically recognizes it, which prevents recording wrong Exif information. It also automatically adjusts bright frames when using the OVF.

This is certainly an attractive model. But its price may discourage some people to buy it. If you can afford it, the X100F is absolutely a joy to use.

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Shinya Yoshimori

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