Exhibition in Taiwan: Constructed Landscape by Toshio Shibata

1839 Contemporary Gallery in Taiwan, which is sponsored by Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei city government, is hosting “Constructed Landscape by Toshio Shibata”. The Japanese photographer, who studied painting in Tokyo and photography in Belgium, is known for exploring the delicate balance between human-made structures and nature. Photographing erosion control barriers, water catchments, roads, dams and bridges, he examines the unique appearance of such structures in his native land. He feels like he is borrowing a place to make his photographs. Through his lens, riverbeds can look like origami, and waterfalls resemble kimono, as well concrete symbolizes something contemporary.

Constructed Landscape by Toshio Shibata
Date: March 4th (Sat) – April 9th (Sun)
Venue: 1839 Contemporary Gallery
Free Admission / Limited Seats

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