Are They Snapped with Smartphones? Really?

AQUOS Photograph Exhibition is in the news. Touring in Japan (Ginza, a high-end shopping district in Tokyo, is its last), it shows amazing works by a professional photographer, Tomoyuki Kuroda, who snapped with AQUOS, smartphones of Sharp, a Japanese electronic manufacturer. On view are square photos (700mm x 700mm) which are not manipulated. But you will be surprised by their quality (you can view some photos here). Not only do they show AQUOS’s performance, they are a reminder that camera phones are really getting better. It is worth seeing if you are nearby.

AQUOS Photograph Exhibition
Venue: Fuji Photo Gallery Ginza
Date: March 24th 2017 – March 30th
Opening hours: (weekdays) 10:30-19:00 (weekends, holiday) 11:00-17:00

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