International Street Photography Exhibition in Malaysia

By Barry Ong (Photographer/Malaysia)

The art of seeing and interpreting stories and emotions

S2S Malaysia has organized “International Street Photography Exhibition: An Interpretation of Black and White”, which is running at Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC) Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur until March 30th. This exhibition features the creative work of leading street photographers from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan and China. The exhibits show their different ways to express the art of seeing and interpreting stories and emotions.

Besides the exhibition, a forum was held at the Auditorium to share the panel insights on “Seeing the Unseen” in street photography on March 18th with interesting discussions and questions moderated by Agoes Alwie.

Barry Ong

He is a photographer in Malaysia. For him photography is a way to express how he connects with people, places, nature and the environment. To be able to capture a particular moment especially a smile, expression, colors and light that people could connect with and do not get tired looking at these photos is what he aspires to achieve in his photos.

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