World Photographic Cup: Did you know that…

Portugal won it for the second year in a row?

Portugal may be famous for Cristiano Ronaldo, a football star, but in the world of photography the country is also doing well. In late February photographers gathered in Yokohama from 26 countries around the world to participate in the World Photographic Cup, an Olympic-styled competition started in 2013. There are six categories―portrait, wedding, commercial, illustrative, nature and reportage/photo journalism. Each participating country can submit three entries to each category. Ten judges from participating countries vote and award points to teams. In 2017 Portugal, the winner of last year, were awarded 34 points to win the cup again (the second place went to the United States of America, with Russia in the third place). The Western dominance? Look at individual gold medalists, however, and a different picture emerges. A Singaporean photographer, Goh Wee Seng, was the best in Reportage/Photo Journalism with a powerful and overwhelming work (pictured top). His achievement is cheerful. Japan made two finalists for the first time. And China shared the 10th place with Slovakia. Perhaps we can expect Asian photographers will make progress in the future games.

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