Premium Compact Cameras: Professional Judgement (1)

In this series we first look at Sony’s model, which features a highly efficient sensor to improve image quality and response

These days there are lots of premium compact digital cameras that come with lenses capable of shooting as quality pictures as DSLR cameras do. In this report Shinya Yoshimori, a professional photographer and contributor to CAPA asia, compares Sony DSC-RX100M5, LUMIX DMC-LX10 and Fujifilm X100F to look at how they perform in three genres: landscape, night scenes and moving subjects.

Premium compact cameras worth 100,000 yen level are popular. But different models sport different sensors and lenses. Even if their outfits look similar, their image quality and ability of continuous shooting are not the same. Make sure to check them before buying.

Case 1: Sony DSC-RX100M5

Equipped with 1.0 type sensor, this fifth model of the RX100 series offers beautiful images despite its small body. It also features a highly efficient new stacked CMOS sensor to improve the image quality. Its continuous shooting runs at 24 fps, and AF at 0.05 second. Surprisingly fast. Price: 118,000 yen

This pop-up EVF is high definition with 2.36 million dots, offering fantastic view. Focusing is also easy.
You can call a frequently used function up promptly from the custom button. It’s also customizable.


Resolution is good enough. The way it depicts the scene in three dimensions is so-so. As its open aperture is at F1.8, it is bright enough to take pictures in the evening.

Night scenes:

It achieves a high-level image quality. Use Multi-shot NR to avoid noise even at ISO6400.

Moving subjects:

It can shoot at 24 fps in both AF and AE modes. The phase detection AF makes AF faster. It continues to follow fast-moving subjects such as vehicles.

Score: 88/100

(usability: 16, speed: 20, mobility: 16, grip: 20, image quality: 16)

It is overwhelmingly fast. Its ability to capture three-dimensional images is attractive, too.

“The size of the body is right. Response is fast. It can shoot quickly. Though it is a little heavy, its usability is good because of EVF. It gives three-dimensional effects. Its depiction is natural, which is attractive,” says Mr Yoshimori.

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