Premium Compact Cameras: Professional Judgement (2)

LUMIX DMC-LX10 is equipped with a large-aperture lens to achieve high image quality even in dark places

Case 2: LUMIX DMC-LX10

Combined a 1.0-type sensor and a large-aperture lens of an open aperture at F1.4, it achieves high image quality even in dark places. It is good at continuous shooting and is capable of shooting at up to 50 fps with an electronic viewfinder. It also offers 4K photos at 30 fps. Price: 85,940 yen

The monitor is with touch controls. Tap, drag, pinch in/out like a smartphone.
An aperture ring and a control ring are at the base of the lens. You can adjust the aperture and focus while holding the camera.


Pictures turned out to be moderately fine and natural by using High Sensitivity MOS Sensor. The minimum focus distance is at F1.4: close up to the subject to create a blur.

Night scenes:

The open aperture is at F1.4. Wide-angle shots prevent the increase of ISO. But be careful: noise starts to creep in beyond ISO 800.

Moving subjects:

With an electronic shutter it shoots at 50 fps. But it doesn’t when AF is on. If you want to shoot fast-moving subjects, use 4K photos capable of AF tracking at 30 fps.

Score: 80/100

(usability: 16, speed: 16, mobility: 16, grip: 16, image quality: 16)

It is well balanced as it has all you need

“Though it does not have anything outstanding, it has all you need. If you can make use of 4K photos, the camera shoots anything you want. Resolution and colour reproduction are not bad, so you will not fail,” says Mr Yoshimori.

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