Premium Compact Cameras: Professional Judgement (3)

Fujifilm X100F goes beyond compact digital cameras thanks to its large image sensor

Case 3: Fujifilm X100F

It features the same large image sensor as DSLR cameras. Combined with a high performance 35mm F2 lens, it achieves higher image quality than that of compact digital cameras. Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder, which combines EVF and OVF, allows you to shoot in different scenes accordingly. Price: 151,480 yen

You can easily check settings on the shutter speed dial with the built-in ISO dial (left) and the exposure compensation dial (right).
How Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder looks. You can switch between OVF and EVF.


Velvia, which you can find in Film Simulation, a unique feature of the camera, captures a fairly vivid image. It properly reproduces the colours of bright building and the sky.

Night scenes:

Featuring the large image sensor, it is useful in shooting at high ISO settings: usually it ranges up to 12800. The lens is bright enough as the open aperture is at F2. Just increase the ISO when necessary.

Moving subjects:

Its continuous shooting runs at 8 fps, not as good as the other two models. To enlarge the subject with this 35mm lens, you need to approach to it. This model is not suitable for shooting fast-moving subjects.

Score: 84/100

(usability: 20, speed: 17, mobility: 11, grip: 16, image quality: 20)

Image quality and intuitive usability are impressive

“Image quality is remarkable and unique to its large image sensor. Because it employs a single focus lens, reaction is fast, making it suitable for taking snaps. The design revolves around the dials, making it intuitive to use. But the body is little heavy, which is bad,” says Mr Yoshimori.


The image quality of the X100F is excellent because of its large sensor

“This time I looked at the three models. In terms of image quality Fujifilm X100F, which is equipped with the largest sensor of the three, can do various things, giving it an edge in landscape and night scenes. In moving subjects, where AF and the speed of continuous shooting matter, Sony’s RX100M5 and Panasonic’s LUMIX GF9 are good. So your choice depends on which you value more, image quality or continuous shooting,” says Mr Yoshimori.

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