Three Mirrorless Cameras That Are Perfect Travelling Companions (3)

Despite the small size, the EOS M6 is easy to hold and never tires after long shooting sessions

3: Canon EOS M6

Sensor: 22.3 x 14.9 mm, 24.2 MP
Mount: Canon EF-M Mount
Screen: 3.0 type, 1.04 million dots
Wi-Fi: Yes
Size: 112 x 68 x 44.5 mm (W x H x D)
Effective pixels: 24.2 MP
Continuous shooting: 7 fps
Maximum ISO: 25600
Weight: 390 g

Despite the small body, the camera is designed to be held firmly, preventing camera shake. It employs Dual Pixel CMOS AF, a phase detection AF, to increase the speed of AF, allowing for smooth shooting. It is suitable for taking snaps while travelling.

It takes high-resolution images and clearly depicts details. The colour reproduction is natural without any habits.
It is 524g in total including the body with a lens, a memory card and a battery. It is sufficiently stable to hold it.
A small 2.36-million-dot fine EVF-DC 2 (it may cost around 25,000 yen) is attachable.


It is compact because it does not have an EVF. It sits comfortably in a thin bag. The kit lens is small, too, which is not a hassle when carrying it around.


A switch is near right thumb. You can turn on the camera while holding a finger on the shutter button. Len is retractable, thus the boot-up process is done through two steps.


There are two electronic dials: the shutter button and the one at the bottom of the exposure compensation dial. With the exposure compensation dial, control is done through the three dials.

Score: 76/100

(design: 16, cost-effectiveness: 17, video: 11, portability: 16, image quality: 16)

As the design puts the emphasis on functionality, it achieves the good balance between size and usability. Videos are not 4K, which is disappointing. But it gives natural and decent images and videos whatever the subject.


The three models that we have looked at in this series have in common high standards of mobility, usability and performance. But the LUMIX DC-GF9 is outstanding, which is more portable than the other two cameras. Its continuous 4K shots, which make the most of 4K videos, are easy to use and the most reliable while travelling. Consider buying this one.

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